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Consumer Information and FAQs Big and Tall Associates

Are Big & Tall stores all the same?

No. “Big and Tall” is not a store name, but categories of sizes for big and/or tall men, such as women have in “Juniors,” “Misses,” “Petite,” “Tall” and “Plus" sizes. Some of the confusion on this issue may stem from the common use of the term “Big & Tall” or "Tall & Big" in many independent store names. These terms are used to differentiate big and tall stores from traditional men’s stores, which usually focus on regular sizes. It does not necessarily indicate a corporate relationship between those stores. A customer of a big and tall store does not need to be both big and tall. Within the stores, sizes are usually divided by each(delete) category.

What sizes do Big & Tall stores carry?

Sizes at your local, independent Big & Tall store may vary, but following are examples of size ranges in some categories:

Tall: LT (large tall) through 4XT (4X tall) or 6XT (6X tall)
Big: 1XB (generally a half-size bigger than a regular size extra-large) through 6XB (6X big), although some stores carry limited merchandise up to size 10XB (10X big).

Dress Shirts
Tall men's sizes: Neck sizes 16½ through 22, and Sleeve lengths 36 to 40
Big men's sizes: Neck sizes 17 through 24, and Sleeve lengths 34 to 39

Suits and Sportcoats
Sizes are many, and include big, portly, tall and extra tall.

Dress Pants
Waist sizes from 34 through 80
Hemmed in lengths (inseams) of 28 through 40
Unhemmed trousers are custom-fit to the customer

Casual Pants and Jeans
Combined waist and length sizes (such as in jeans), or sportswear sizing, as described above.

Where is your corporate office?

BATA members are independent retailers. They maintain their own offices, usually in their headquarter city.

BATA does employ Managing Directors with an office in New York City, which he oversees the planning of buying shows, acts as a liaison between members and vendors, and keeps the books for the group.

Where is my closest quality Big & Tall store?

(Coming Soon)
See the Store Locator link on the home page, or click here. Most members show their locations, phone & fax numbers, website, and other contact information.

What are the return policies?

Since BATA members are independent, they each have their own return policies, usually posted in the stores, or on their receipt form.

How long do alterations take?

Again, BATA cannot speak for individual members. Ask about alteration time frames while shopping in a BATA member store.

Do BATA stores carry formalwear?

Some do. Some even offer rentals. Contact your closest BATA member store for details by using the Store Locator link on the home page, or click here.

BATA's next show will be held July 31, August 1, August 2 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), in conjunction with the Chicago Collective at the Chicago Merchandise Mart, downtown Chicago. For more show information, click here for the Chicago Collective website (
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